Home-made Chicken Soup

Home made chicken soup is always the go-to meal when someone in the family goes down with a cold. Nothing beats a soothing bowl of warm soup to make you feel better, especially when it’s been lovingly made from scratch. … Continue reading

Chefs, cheese and churros at Alimentaria, Barcelona

The10th Mediterranean Diet Conference could not have taken place in a more appropriate location than the Alimentaria Food and Drink Trade Fair, which was held in Barcelona earlier his month.  Admittedly once the conference started, a huge amount of self-control … Continue reading

Cardamom and rose petal soup

Whilst having lunch with some friends last week, the conversation moved to discussing how good chefs hate throwing away food so will often creatively “upcycle”  ingredients into delicious soups, sauces or  puddings. Despite my assurances that chefs would not compromise … Continue reading