“Don’t Burn The Onions” is a collection of traditional and modern Mediterranean recipes, cooking tips and articles on the Mediterranean Diet.  The inspiration for this website comes from my Mediterranean heritage and life long passion for food and cooking which initially led me to a career in Hospitality, where I learnt to cook professionally and had the chance of working in some great hotels in London and Amsterdam. My favourite type of cooking though is trying out new recipes in my own kitchen and sharing them with family and friends.


If you’re wondering about the name 

I have two daughters who are close in age and, when both left home for university, I would often get a call asking for a recipe or advice on what to do with a load of mushrooms or other bargain buys from the market. I would often say ” don’t burn the onions” and repeated it so many times that it became a standing joke.

It therefore seemed to be the obvious name for the food blog I initially set up with the intention of sharing solely with family. I decided to make it visible to a wider audience after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis and learning how the Mediterranean Diet, is not only the best diet for this condition but for anyone wanting to eat in a healthy and balanced way without excluding any foods (not even the naughty ones!).

So if you want to learn how to cook healthy, easy and inexpensive meals from scratch or to find out more about the Mediterranean Diet, I hope this website will be a good starting point and show how healthy eating does not have to be bland or boring but can be varied, vibrant and full of tantalising flavours-as long as you don’t burn the onions!


Who am I?


Hi! I’m Suzette. After initially reading for a degree in French, I combined my passion for languages, travel and food by training in Hotel Management where I learnt Classical French cookery.  I later became a hotel management consultant and more recently worked as a university lecturer and writer.  If you’ve read this far, thank you and welcome to my website! I hope you’ll enjoy it and discover the pleasures and benefits of cooking and eating the Mediterranean way.