Easy Chicken Soup

r UPDATE: FURTHER ENDORSEMENT OF CHICKEN SOUP’S HEALING PROPERTIES : On BBC Radio 5 this morning, Dr Clare Gerada described chicken soup as “God’s penicillin” and said that it was the only thing that made her feel better when she … Continue reading

Spicy vegetable soup

Whilst having lunch with some friends last week, the conversation moved to discussing how good chefs hate throwing away food so will often creatively “upcycle”  ingredients into delicious soups, sauces or  puddings. Despite my assurances that chefs would not compromise … Continue reading

Late Summer Sweetcorn Soup

I made up this recipe last month having bought the most delicious looking corn at the local market. The bright yellow kernels, still tightly wrapped in their papery husks, were like pearls full of late summer sun-a perfect antidote to … Continue reading

Italian Minestra

Minestra has all the hallmarks of the best rustic Italian food. It’s one pot cooking requiring no fancy cheffing skills and so filling you won’t feel hungry for hours (maybe even days!) afterwards. I like to think it was probably … Continue reading