Square crȇpes from the not so square Marrakesh

Morroccan tea

I have just returned from a wonderful week away in Marrakesh and have lots of exciting new ideas and recipes to share with you.  It was my first visit to this beautiful Moroccan city, a last-minute break booked on impulse, to flee the British rain and recharge the batteries.  I guess our new-found freedom to escape from daily routine at a moment’s notice is one of the best compensations for “empty nest” syndrome!

Aptly described  as “the last outpost of the Mediterranean before the Sahara”  by Rough Guide,  Marrakesh is a city of contrasts which made it an even more intriguing place to explore than I expected. And the cuisine is equally fascinating as it contains many typical Mediterranean Diet elements but with the generous addition of native spices and herbs such as cumin, cinnamon, saffron and mint, to flavour meats, vegetables and grains.


Oranges growing in Hotel Es Saadi gardens

From the surrounds of the Es Saadi Palace, our beautiful hotel in the Ville Nouvelle, the city retains vestiges of its French colonial past-smart apartment blocks, chic eateries, designer shops and  leafy boulevards. There is a quieter and more gentil atmosphere here which differs from the  chaotic but exotic Medina-the ancient walled part of the city, with its crumbling palaces, gardens, labyrinthine souks, street vendors, snake charmers, fortune tellers and  henna artists. Marrakesh is a feast for all the senses- including the eyes!

Pot pourri

Although less so is the game of Russian Roulette played out daily on the overcrowded streets by the throng of scooters, jingling horse-drawn carriages, donkey carts, cyclists, sand coloured taxis and pedestrians!Marrakech transport

As it’s pancake day today I thought I would share a pic of the breakfast pancakes they served daily at our hotel, where the food was always superb and freshly picked  from their own organic gardens.

Pancakes from Marrakech

Moroccan pancakes

Although they may look like traditional French crȇpes, they were crisper and square, with each pancake made up of several transparently thin layers, stacked on top of each other in  a similar fashion to filo pastry.  I enjoyed mine with spoonfuls of fresh honey and was glad that I had the chance to try them during my stay.

So whether you prefer yours to be round or square, savoury or sweet, enjoy your Pancake Day!

If you would like to try savoury, gluten-free pancakes from the South of France, click on the link for my earlier recipe for Socca  🙂

More Marrakesh food info to follow soon including the recipes and techniques I learnt at a great Moroccan cookery workshop!

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