The best way to wash and prep leeks


Leeks are very versatile and easy to use- apart from having to remove the soil and grit often trapped between the layers, which can be difficult to wash out thoroughly.  This is the fullproof method used by chefs which I learnt many years ago and still use to this day. It helps to minimise waste as you will be able to retain much of the softer inner part.

Tip: If your leek has dark green leaves remove before use as they are tough. Small to medium leeks are the tenderest and sweetest.


1. First cut off woody root from the end and any dark green leaves.


2. Next place leek on chopping board and slice through base diagonally on either side to create a tip.

leek 2

Cut diagonally on one side


Cut diagonally on other side


You should end up with a pointed end like this

3. Then cut a deep cross with your knife into the pointed end.


4. Hold leek under running water pulling open the leaves to thoroughly wash away any dirt.

washing leek

5. Now you are ready to slice your leeks!  A quick way of chopping your leeks is as  follows:


slice leek in half

6. Place two halves side by side and chop both together.


7. You’ll be finished in half the time!

For a great speedy recipe using leeks see How To Make Toasty Pan Fried Veggies on SnapGuide in Meals in MInutes.

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