The best way to peel tomatoes

tomatoes on vine

This is a great technique for peeling tomatoes which enables you to remove the skin whilst keeping the flesh intact.

Tools required: 1 small knife with a smooth blade and sharp point, 2 large bowls or pans.


1. Holding tomato firmly, use knife to puncture the skin next to the tomato “eye”.Pierce tomato2. Push in knife and twist it all around “eye”. The “eye” should then be easy enough to remove. Do this to all your other tomatoes. double toms

3.  Turn tomato upside down and make two incisions on the bottom in the shape of a cross. Do this to the rest.Tomato bottom

 4.  Put tomatoes in a large bowl or pan and cover completely with boiling water.Toms in water

5. Allow tomatoes to rest in water between 30 seconds to one minute. The riper they are the quicker it works. Check to see whether skin pulls away easily or else leave for a few more seconds..

Tomatoes under water

6. Drain tomatoes and transfer to clean bowl. (If skinning a lot of tomatoes, add iced water to the bowl to prevent tomatoes from softening too much.)

Tomatoes to bowl

7.The skin should now pull away easily, leaving tomato flesh intact.Peeling tomato8.  Now do the rest in the same way. And there you have it-perfectly peeled tomatoes ready to add to your recipe!  🙂

Peeled tomatoes

Tip: To make French  “Tomates concassées” (used in classical French cooking) follow steps 1-8, then remove seeds and chop into small pieces. Use in sauces, stews, soups or as a fresh garnish on seafood salad.

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