Padrón Peppers

Padron PeppersPadrón peppers (also known as Pimientos de Herbón) are unique small green peppers, which are around 4 to 5 cms long.  They take their name from the Padrón area of northwest Spain where they are grown.

Apart from their diminutive size, what differentiates these peppers is that, although the majority of them have a sweet, mild flavour, around 10 percent are unexpectedly hot and eating one can feel like eating a chili.  

As you cannot tell by their appearance which pepper may be the surprisingly hot one, it can feel a bit like playing Russian Roulette with your food!

Cooking and Buying guide

In Spain they are popularly eaten as a tapa and are traditionally fried whole in olive oil, until they turn brown and blistered.  They are then served hot, with a generous sprinkling of coarse sea salt.

If you prefer a lower calorie (although less tasty) option, coat the whole peppers with olive oil and grill, until they soften and blister. Season with coarse salt. 

When buying, pick peppers which look fresh, firm and smooth skinned.